2027/8 ANZ Vacation

Myriam and I have started planning for a possible 2027 or 2028 vacation to New Zealand and/or Australia. Hopefully all the COVID restrictions will have been removed. We haven’t decided on how long our vacation will be as work still comes first but we are looking forward to the trip.

At this time (May 2022) we are planning on flying Air Canada to Vancouver, then either Air New Zealand or Air Canada to Auckland; Auckland to Christchurch on Air New Zealand; Christchurch to Sydney on Air New Zealand; then on to Ayers Rock, to Melbourne/The Great Ocean Road, and back to Sydney/Blue Mountains.

Flying home would be with Air Canada from Sydney to Toronto via Vancouver on flight AC034.

We will be posting some details on the plans and will add photos a week or two after each leg of the trip just to give us some privacy. A family version of the page will be updated every night.

Week 1

Saturday morning – Fly from Toronto to Vancouver. Spend the day in Vancouver.

Saturday evening – Fly from Vancouver to Auckland arriving early Monday morning

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

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